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Providing Zonify team with Temporary Access to Shopify Admin

This guide will walk you through the steps to allow the Zonify team support access to your Shopify admin dashboard. This access is crucial for the Zonify support staff to assist with any queries or issues pertaining to your Shopify store.


1. Getting to the Right Settings:

- Sign into your Shopify Dashboard.

- Look for 'Settings' at the lower left side of the dashboard.

- Click on 'Users and permissions' from the list of settings options.

- Within 'Users and permissions', find and click the "add staff" button.


2. Entering Staff Member Information:

- On the 'Add staff' page, complete the fields as follows:

- First Name: Type "Zonify".

- Last Name: Enter "Support".

- Email Address: Put in "support@zonify.app".


3. Setting Appropriate Permissions:

- Under 'Store permissions', select the permission that Zonify team need:

- Orders

- Products

- Store settings


- Don't forget to grant permissions for 'Manage and install apps'


4. Finalizing Your Settings:

- Ensure all the information is correctly filled and permissions are set, then click the 'Send invite' button to complete the process.

By following these steps, you will successfully provide the Zonify team with the necessary access to your Shopify admin dashboard, enabling them to offer support and resolve any store-related issues

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