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Setting Up the Zonify Affiliate Model

To activate the Zonify affiliate model, follow the step by step below

  1. Access the Shopify Admin Dashboard:

Log in to your Shopify admin account.

  1. Customize Your Theme:

From the dashboard, select the 'Online Store' option.

Click on 'Themes'.

Choose the theme you're currently using and click on 'Customize'.


  1. Activate the Zonify Embed Script:

From the theme customization section, click the "App embeds" section and turn on the switch.


  1. Set up the business model for each product:

Head back to the Zonify admin dashboard and Click on the 'Import List'.

To apply the affiliate model for a particular product, change the dropdown selection to "affiliate". By doing so, the buy it now button will be transformed into a "view on Amazon" option, and will redirect the users to purchase the product on Amazon. (Save the modifications you've made).


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