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How to use the Filter & Blacklist feature?

You can use Zonify to filter out bad reviews and blacklist certain keywords,

Follow the guide below to use these features:

  1. Log in to the Zonify Admin Dashboard

  2. Select the "Review Filters" from the side menu

filter and automation

  1. On this page, you can decide which reviews you want to display and which to hide.

  • Rating to display
    You can set minimum rating to display, for example display only 4 stars and 5 stars reviews.

    review rating to display

  • Blacklist keywords
    For example, if you add the "Amazon" keyword, it will hide any reviews which contain the keyword "Amazon".

    blacklist keywords

  • Show only reviews from selected countries
    For example, you can show only reviews from the united states or any other country.

    country filter

  • Show only reviews with photos
    Reviews with images seem more trustworthy and they are more converting.

  • Hide Duplicate reviews
    By default, we recommended turning on this feature.

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