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How to change the "Add to cart" button to "View on Amazon"?

There are two important changes to do in your store if you want to refer your visitor to purchase the product from Amazon and earn commission as an affiliate.

  1. How to change the "add to cart" button to "View on Amazon.

  2. How to disable the "quick view" on the home page and collection page.

  • Follow this guide to change the "Add to cart" button to "View on Amazon" on your Wix store:

1) Log in to your Wix dashboard.

2) Select your store and click on "Edit site":


3) Click on the "Pages" icon from the side menu, select "Store Pages" and select "Product Page":


4) Scroll down to the "Add to cart" button and click on it, then select the "Settings" option


5) Select the "Text" tab and edit the button text to "View on Amazon"


  • If you have "Slide Gallery" with "Quick View" option it's important to disable it

1) Select again "Pages" from the side menu, "Site Menu", "Home":

CleanShot-2022-04-13-at-22.26.17@2x.png On your homepage, scroll down to the Products Slider section, click on it and select "Settings"


2) Select "Quick view" and disable the "Show Quick View" option:

image.png9) Click on "Publish" in the right top corner to Publish the changes:


Check this guide to disable the quick view that you have in your store.


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