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Zonify with Amazon affiliate program For Wix - How does it work?

Using your Wix store and Zonify you can make money through the Amazon affiliate program.

How does it work?

1. Install the Zonify App on your Wix store.   

2. Install the Zonify chrome extension

3. Signup for the Amazon Affiliate Program and save your affiliate ID in the settings section of the Zonify dashboard. (Step by step guide on how to signup)

4. Import products from Amazon to your store via Zonify App.

5. Edit your Wix site and hide the quick view button and "add to cart/buy it now" buttons from the collection page. (Click here to learn how)

6. Modify the Buy button text (optional - Click here to learn how)

If a visitor purchases the item within 24 hours, you will earn a commission.

Important to know:

* Amazon approval required - You must be approved by Amazon to be eligible for receiving payments.

* Always make sure that your product affiliate link works before promoting or sending traffic to your product page. (confirm with Amazon Link Checker)

* Amazon will transfer the payment to your account as per the settings in your Amazon Affiliate Program Account.

* Your store must always comply with Amazon's policies and guidelines.


* You keep 100% of your commissions. 

 Zonify does not take any part in the process and does not cut any fees from the commissions. 

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