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How to change the business model from Dropshipping to Affiliate

Zonify was developed for Shopify store owners who want to Dropship products from Amazon or use the Amazon affiliate program and earn amazon affiliate commissions by referring the visitors to complete the purchase on Amazon.

Learn how to change the business model from "Dropshipping" to "Affiliate" and vice versa.

1. Log in to the Zonify admin dashboard

  1. Click the “Import list”, choose the product you want to refer to be purchased from Amazon, and select “affiliate” under the “Business model” column 


The "View on Amazon" button will replace the "Buy it now" button on this product page.

If the visitor clicks the button, he will be redirected to Amazon with the affiliate ID. You will earn a commission if the visitor buys the item within 24 hours.


Important to know:

* Amazon approval required - You must be approved by Amazon to be eligible for receiving payments.

* Always make sure that your product affiliate link works before promoting or sending traffic to your product page. (confirm with Amazon Link Checker)

* Amazon will transfer the payment to your account as per the settings in your Amazon Affiliate Program Account.

* You keep 100% of your commissions. 

  Zonify does not take any part in the process and does not cut any fees from the commissions. 

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